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ADTC-7020TC Thermal Imaging Core

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General information about ADTC-7020TC Thermal Imaging Core:
ADTC-7020TC cores can be easily integrated into products or systems of (customer’s) design with multi-interface on the backside. A TC core may support the digital video output, composite video output, remote control on PC after connecting directly with your existing device/network. The TC384 made similar performance except the IR resolution is different, meanwhile, we provide 4 different sales package for the user’s option: Lens-less packing, Optional-lens packing, Cover-less packing, Optional-lens packing, Cover-less packing and Naked-chipset packing(without lens & shell). ADTC-7020TC are convenient to be fixed into an existing CCTV system with M2.5 & 1/4”-20 mounts, also they can be integrated into various applications including night vision systems, driving vision enhancement, firefighting equipments, medical equipment, thermal sights, security & surveillance products, and more.
Main Features:
1-Compact, lightweight package
2-25-micron pixel pitch, NETD<80mk
3-50Hz frame rate for real time, crisp thermal image video
4-Auto|Manual brightness|Contrast adjustment
5-Video output in black & white or color palettes
6-Analog video output in PAL|NTSC selectable
7-Digital video output in LVDS, CMOS and BT.656 options
8-Multi-interface for easily embedded application
9-2x digital zoom enables users to see objects details
10-RS232|RS485 interface offers access to remote control on PC
11-Download newest software and remote updates
12-Advanced image processing function brings incredible thermal image video
13-Professional control software enables users to create their applications
14-Available 5 athermalized lenses, 5 manual lenses, and customized lenses

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Technical specification of the device:
Detector Data:
Detector Type:Uncooled FPA, 384 x 288 pixels
Pixel pitch:25um
Thermal sensitivity(NETD):<80mk at f/1.0
Spectral band:8 – 14um
Image Presentation:
Time to image:<3.5 sec
Advanced image improvement:Yes
Electronic zoom:2x
Polarity/LUT:Black hot / White hot
Image frozen:Yes
Pseudo-color enhancement:5 color pallete
Image correction:Auto/Manual
Cross cursor:Moveable
External synchronization:Yes
Analog video output:PAL, 720×576 pixels (NTSC optional)
Digital video output:BT656(8Bit)/CMOS(14Bit)/LVDS
Primary Electrical Connector:40-pin Hirose
External power interface:9-24 VDC
Power consumption:<2W (steady state)
Reverse polarity protection:Yes
Over-voltage protection:Yes
Control port:RS232 (RS485 optional)
Analog video output:BNC/PAL/Composite video
Digital video output:40PIN, BT656(8Bit)/CMOS(14Bit)/LVDS
Mounting:M2×0.4, 1/4″-20
Additional function:N/A
Environment Data:
Operating temperature range:-20℃~60℃
Storage temperature range:-50℃~70℃
Vibration:4.3g 3axes,8hours each
Shock:70g;11msec shock pulse(all axes)
Humidity:Non-condensing between 5% and 95%
Other Standards:CE, ROHS
Physical Data:
Size (w/cover, w/o lens):40 x 49 x 51mm
Weight (w/o lens & rear cover):≤96g
Standard Packing:Thermal imaging core, 40-PIN connecting cable, CDROM(software and user manual),Warranty card
Optional Packing:Thermal imaging core, 40-PIN connecting cable, Adapter, 40-PIN cable with video port & power port & RS232 port, Video cable, RS232 control cable, CDROM(software and user manual),Warranty card
Option accessories:Infrared lens

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