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ADTC-7022CV Current and Voltage Calibrator

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General information about ADTC-7022CV Current and Voltage Calibrator:

ADTC-7022CV Hand-held Current and Voltage Calibrator integrates measurement and output of V, mV, mA, Hz into one. High precision, high resolution and reliable. With big LED, the data could be showed more clearly. With adjustable backlight and auto power off function. Direct current or exchange current power supply make it convenient to use.
1-Measure and source voltage, current (active or passive), mV and frequency.
2-May simulate two-wire channel transmitter.
3-Perfect performance on waterproof protection: IP67 grade
4-In case of connecting 220V voltage with automatic over voltage protection function:
5-With manual stepping, automatic stepping and 0 ~ 100% output of phase step and ramp function.
6-Big LED with adjustable backlight and auto power off function.
7-Supply DC24V loop power.

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