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ADTC-7023TC Thermal Imaging Core

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General information about ADTC-7023TC Thermal Imaging Core:
ADTC-7023TC delivers a revolutionary generation thermal image core WITHOUT SHUTTER in the market. It is ultra light weight, tiny size, super low power consumption, less technology, ideal core for variety of integration applications.
Thermal imaging core ADTC-7023TC is available as lens-less, or without cover, or with IR lenses option. It is convenient to be fixed directly in existed CCTV systems with M4. And it is also easily integrated hundreds of thousands of applications including automotive night vision systems, firefighting equipments, medical instruments, handheld cameras, unmanned vehicles, security & surveillance,and more.
Main Features:
1-Shutterless technology, continuous thermal video
2-Ultra low power consumption ( < 0.65W )
3-Tiny size 42x41x23mm (without cover)
4-Super light weight ( < 30g )
5-No-interruption operation
6-Time to image < 3s
7-25-micron pixel pitch, NETD < 65mK
8-Auto/manual cycle adjustment
9-2x, 4x digital zoom enables users to see objects details
10-Athermal & manual lens are available

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Technical specification of the device:
Detector Data
Detector type:Uncooled FPA
IR resolution:384×288
Pixel pitch:25um
Thermal sensitivity(NETD):<65mk@f/1.0
Image Performance
Analog video output:PAL(768*576)/NTSC(optional)
Digital video output:CMOS(14Bit)
Image enhancement:Yes
Polarity/LUT:Black hot/White hot
Electronic zoom:2x, 4x
Image frozen:Yes
Pseudo-color enhancement:Black hot/White hot or 5 color pallete
Image correction:Auto/Manual
Time to image:<3s
Cross cursor:Yes,moveable
Text comment :Text overlay
Online upgrading:No
Physical Data
Size ( w/o lens):42.0×41.0×23(L×H×W)
Weight (w/o lens & rear cover):<30g
Mounting:M4, 1/4″-20
Environment Data
Operating temperature range:-40℃~60℃
Storage temperature range:-50℃~70℃
Vibration:4.3g 3axes,8hours each
Shock:200g;11msec shock pulse(all axes)
Humidity:40℃/95%RH, Non-condensing
Electromagnetic Radiation Standard
Interfacing:Expansion board
Primary Electrical Connector:40 PIN
External power interface:2.2~5.5V
Power consumption:< 0.65W
Control port:RS232/RS485/RS422(optional)
Digital video output:LVDS/CMOS(14Bit)/BT656(8Bit)/USB2.0/Camera Link
Analog video output:BNC(75Ω);Support dual RS170 CCIR/PAL Composite video
Keypad:4 button keyboard(optional)

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