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ADTC-7028TC Thermal Imaging Core

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General information about ADTC-7028TC Thermal Imaging Core:
ADTC-7028TC is a small sized mid-wave cooled thermal imaging core with SOFRADIR detectors which can be easily integrated into infrared systems that require extremely long distance detection and adaption to any harsh environment.
Main Features:
1-HgCdTe detector
2-Continuous optical zooming, triple views, multiple lenses are optional
3-Formidable image processing ability
4-Multiple interfaces, easy integration
5-Compact design, low power consumption

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Technical specification of the device:
Detector Data:
IR resolution:640×512
Pixel pitch:15μm
Spectral range:3~5μm
Lens Data:
Focal distance:15mm~250mm continuous zoom lens
Lens(Optional):18mm~275mm continuous zoom lens, 18mm~435mm continuous zoom lens(Up to 1075mm )
Image Performance:
Correcting:Manual correction, background correction
Image enhancement:Auto Image Filtering, DDE
Image mirroring:Vertical, horizontal
Polarity/LUTmode:Black hot/White hot
Cross display:Yes
Control port:RS232/RS422
Analog video output:PAL
Digital video output:SLVDS/CameraLink
Power System:
Working voltage:DC: +24V~+32V
Power consumption:<10W@25℃(standard)
Cooling time:≤8min
Environmental Parameters:
Operating temperature range:-40 ℃~+60℃
Storage temperature range:-40 ℃~+70℃
Humidity:5%~95% (non-condense)
Shock:1/2 sine, 3 axis, 50g/11mg, 40g/18mg
Vibration:Sine, 5Hz~9Hz, Amplitude 12mm; 9Hz~27Hz, 4g; 27Hz~200Hz,5g; 200Hz~300Hz, 4g; 300Hz~2000Hz, 2g
Physical Data:
Weight:680g(Without lens)

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