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ADWQ-500PO Intelligent Industrial pH/ORP Transmitter

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General information about ADWQ-500PO Intelligent Industrial pH/ORP Transmitter
ADWQ-500PO intelligent industrial PH transmitter is the intelligent industrial online analytical instrument. It can be connected to the high-impedance analog signal pH ORP electrode of many companies at home and abroad. It can be used to detect the pH, ORP value of the solution in chemical, petroleum, rubber, paper, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, food, mining, smelting, iron and steel, power generation, pharmaceuticals, water treatment and other industries.
16 bit high accuracy AD and low power microprocessor technology
Multi-level password protection, reliable and safe measurement data
Automatically identify and calibrate the PH standard solution. Automatic temperature compensation
High-resolution graphic LCD which can display the PH (mV) value, temperature, date, electrode slope, zero position, output current, etc. simultaneously.
Two analog (pH/mV and temperature) isolated output and digital signal output (RS485/ standard MODBUS protocol) can be chosen.
4-way alarm relay and 1-way cleaning control relay output
Isolation between power supply, measurement, output circuit. Strong anti-interference ability.
Intelligent paperless record and power-off protection can record and inquire the operation of a month~a year and set data.

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Technical specification of the device:
Measurement range:pH 0~14/ORP-1999~+1999mV
Instrument stability:±0.05pH(±2mV)/48 hour
Measurement error:±0.05pH(±2mV)
Instrument resolution:±0.01pH(1mV)
Input impedance:>3×1012Ω
Output signal:4~20mA.DC or RS485(MODBUS)
Input signal:high impedance millivolt signal
Output load resistance:4~20mA.DC, 0~500Ω
Alarm setting range:0~14pH( can be set)
Alarm setting hysteresis width:full scale hysteresis setting
Alarm output contact capacity:250VDC, 3A
Temperature measurement range:-10~150°C
Operating ambient temperature:-10~55°C
Power supply:220V. AC ±10%, 50Hz, 15W
Temperature compensating range:-10~100°C
Temperature compensating error:<0.005PH/°C
Protection grade:IP65

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