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ADWQ-5014IC Intelligent Industrial Conductivity Meter

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General information about ADWQ-5014IC Intelligent Industrial Conductivity Meter
Intelligent Industrial Conductivity Meter consists of a transmitter and a conductivity sensor, widely used in many industrial process water conductivity detection with high accuracy and precision of measurement, response speed fast, small size, easy installation and maintenance, etc.
Drinking water detection, boiler water detection, food, beverage
chemical, bio pharmaceutical industry
reverse osmosis/ pure water process
1.16 bit high-precision A/D and high-performance microprocessor technology.
2.HD backlit LCD display, touch keys,while indicating conductivity, temperature, output current, time, status and fault tips, tips medium other parameters.
3.Built-in real-time clock can record the running curves during a year, can set the year, month, day, hour, minute,can set storage interval, 1min, 10min, 30min. Measurement history data can be downloaded via U-disk in a timely manner, the instrument off internal settings and data stored for 10 years.
4.The measurement range can change automatically. The measurement range of output signal can be set. The conductivity and temperature dual isolated 4~20mA output are optional. RS485 computer communication interface can realize the remote transmission.
5.The industrial control watchdog circuit ensures the normal operation of the instrument.
6.Automatic temperature compensation, automatic conversion measurement frequency, can be equipped with a variety of structures conductivity cell, flexible installation
7.Built-in self-clean control procedure and cleaning relay contact output; The cleaning interval can be set.
8.Four-way upper and lower limit alarm signal display, relay contact output, alarm hysteresis can be set.
9.Wall-mounted installation; waterproof and dust proof
Protection grade: IP65
10.Record and query the operation and alarm time at any time.
 Working Principle:
Fixed amplitude and frequency sine wave voltage which generated by the transmitter internal oscillator,is applied to the conductivity electrode, fixed internal oscillation amplitude of the second table generated frequency sine wave voltage plus the conductivity electrode , resulting in a solution conductivity is proportional to the measured current signal , then converted to a voltage signal, the phase-sensitive detector to eliminate electrode and the equivalent capacitance of the cable affected by single-chip temperature compensation procedures, showing that the conductivity value of the solution at 25 ℃ and 4-20MA isolated current output signal and RS485 communication signals correspond .

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Technical specification of the device:
Operating condition:
a.Ambient temperature: 0~40 ℃
b.Relative humidity: ≤85%
c.No strong vibration, no strong magnetic field disturbance
d.Power supply: 220VAC±10% 50±5Hz
e.Medium temperature: 0~80℃
f.medium pressure: ≤0.5MPa
Measurement range:
0-0.2-2-20μs/cm (K=0.01cm-1 )
0-2-20-200μs/cm(K=0.1cm-1 )
0-20-200-2000μs /cm(K=1cm-1)
The measurement ranges shift automatically.
Resolution:Conductivity: 0.001μs/cm; temperature: 0.1℃
Conductivity: ±1% F.S
Temperature: ±0.5℃
Clock: ±1min/month
a.conductivity: ±0.5% FS
b.temperature: 0.2 ℃
Stability:±0.5% F.S/24h
Current: two-way isolated 4-20mA at most; Relative conductivity or temperature can be selected. The maximum load is 500Ω; Accuracy:±0.5%
Control: 4 adjustable alarm relay contact, 1 cleaning relay contact (22VAC, 3A)
Communication: RS485 computer communication interface signal; address and baud rate can be selected
Data continuous power-off save time:10 years
Automatic temperature compensation range:0~120℃( base on 25℃ )
Protection grade:IP65
Installation method:wall-mounted, panel-mounted
1.Panel-mounted: 96 ×96×119mm
2.Opening size: 92×92mm
3.Wall-mounted: 234mm×185mm×118mm(L×W×H)

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