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ADWQ-5015SC Suspended Solids/ Sludge Concentration Meter

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General information about ADWQ-5015SC Suspended Solids/ Sludge Concentration Meter:
Electric power:mortar sedimentation tanks
Coal washing plant:settling ponds
Paper mills:pulp concentration
Sewage treatment plant:water inlet, outlet,exposure pool, return sludge, primary sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, concentrated pool, sludge dewatering.
Water plant:filter backwash water, raw water and settling tank effluent.
Others:Industrial production process/the circulating cooling water and other water quality detection.
Single adjustable beam light source , 90 ℃ and 140 ℃ scattered light detection , a wide measurement range can be detected turbidity and concentration of suspended solids
Automatic cleaning blade configuration , the probe can be achieved without manual self-cleaning
Water color can be compensated , water color measurement values are not affected
Measurement range is automatically converted to adapt to a large range
Digital sensors, signal processing integrated in the sensor , which greatly improves the reliability and stability of the measurement
Optical bandpass filter and excitation light modulated effectively avoid the impact of the environment on the measurement
Large-screen LCD display Chinese menu , you can display the historical trend curve
Optional modbus RTU protocol RS485 communication interface and 4-20mA analog signal output
Optional two -way alarm signal output
Working principle:
After sensor emitter 880nm near infrared light transmitted through the measured object absorption, reflection and scattering in the transfer process, a portion of light can be scattered into the detector 140 ° direction, and a part of the scattered light incident direction of 90 ° detector . And the measured signal strength of the water sample in the concentration of suspended solids and 90 °, 140 ° direction detector received, there is a certain relationship between turbidity and thus can calculate the turbidity of the water samples and sludge concentration.
Self cleaning brush
Washing area

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Technical specification of the device:
Technical Data Sensor:
Range:Suspended solids concentration(ss):0-50g/L
Precision:Suspended solids concentration(ss):< 5%
Reproducibility:Suspended solids concentration(ss):<4%
Response time:1s(adjustable)
Flow rates:Most greatly 3m/s (Bubbles affect the measurement)
Pressure:Max 4 bar
Length of probe:Diameter 60mm, Length 192mm
Sensor weight:1.5KG
The length of the cable:Standard 10m, maximum length 100m
Data analog output:4-20mA Current output, Max 750 Ohm resistor
Data digital output:MODBUS/RS485
Output relay:two-road alarm system, 250VDC, 3A
Reading frequency:0.5 seconds at a time
Prower:220VAC,50/60Hz or 24VDC
Protection class:IP65
Installation methods:Wall-hung
Dimensions:234/185/118mm, L/W/H


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