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ADWQ-5017T Online Turbidity Meter

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General information about ADWQ-5017T Online Turbidity Meter
Product Overview:
The product adopts 90 degree light scattering principle, according to ADWQ-5017T and ISO7027.It uses infrared light as light source without sample chromaticity of interference. According to online measuring the light scattering degree generated by insoluble particulate matter floating in water, measure the content of these suspended particles and water turbidity.
Waterworks: turbidity monitoring of reservoir, well,
clean water pool, filter, filtered, precipitation and
water treatment plant
water distribution systems water quality monitoring, industrial process water quality monitoring, circulating cooling water.
Industrial process: water quality monitoring of production recycled water, recycled water, activated carbon filter water, membrane filter water
Sewage treatment: water quality of inlet and outlet
Online turbidity measurement of electric, pure water, beverage, wine and pharmaceutical industries
Standard 90°scattering light measurement technique which provides reliable measurement results
Immersion type probe with self-clean wiper, maintenance-free
Simple key operation
Digital sensor, two-channel input, plug and play
Self-diagnostic function
low-scale circulating built-in bubble eliminating system
The measurement result is not affected by the bubbles.
Scattering composite light; Low turbidity data is not affected by Brownian diffusion impact.
Automatically compensation for voltage fluctuations, device aging, temperature change and sludge color
Working principle:
Immersion sensor, the transmitter transmits an infrared beam at an angle to the direction of the radiating medium , light encounter particles in the medium, then scatter. part of the scattered light incident on the receiver 90 °, absorbed by the receiver, compared with the reference Comparative optical receiver combining the plurality of receivers to compensate for the calculation , because the detector receives the light intensity and the measured turbidity of the effluent of a certain relationship , so by measuring the scattered light intensity can be calculated turbidity of the water .
Flow- sensor, water samples go through the bubble trap, entrained air bubbles are removed, it flow into the measurement chamber of sensor ,through the center column.
The measuring chamber is sealed in a dark chamber , do continuous online measurement accuracy . And a replaceable desiccant pack ensure reliable measurement environment. Incandescent light emitted by the light source assembly of the sensor , after being scattered by particles in the sample with a beam of 90 ° to a monitor receiver ,the received signal proportional to the turbidity of the sample.

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Technical  specification of the device:
Flow type sensor:
Measurement Range:0-2-10-100NTU
Zero drift:Less than 0.5%
Repeatability:better than reading ±2.0% or ±0.002NTU
Response time:1S (can be adjusted)
Velocity of flow:100-700ml/min
Sampling volume:30mL
Sample Temperature:0℃ to 50℃(320-1220F)
Light source:Replaceable halogen lamp
Service life of light source:More than 30,000hours(41 months)
Water pipe:1/4”NPT Internal thread, 1/4” Compression fittings (provided)
Drainage pipe:1/2”NPT Internal thread, 1/2” Hose(provided)
Immersion sensor:
Measurement Range:0-100-1000-9999NTU / 0-100-1000-10000mg/L
Resolution:0.1NTU(0-100NTU)- 1NTU(100-9999NTU)
Zero drift:Less than 0.5%
Repeatability:better than reading ±1.0%or ±0.002NTU
Response time:1S (can be adjusted)
cable length:standard 10m, The maximum length 100m
Display unit:NTU, FTU, mg/L
Display screen:240*160 Dot matrix backlit LCD
Analog output:2 roads 4~20mA current output, max 750 ohm resistance
Digital output:MODBUS/RS485, MODBUS/RS232
Output relay:Two alarm system , 250VDC, 3A,One cleaning system 250VDC, 3A
Frequency of reading:0.5S one time
Power supply:220VAC±10%, 49-51HZ,10W
Shell material:Stainless steel and PC
Installation:Single modem design, Wall-mounted installation, guide rail type installation
Size:234/185/118mm, L/W/H

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