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ADBC-107C Battery Charger push pipe-sewer camera AD-V2006RC push pipe/sewer drain camera AD-P2005RC VLF ADVLF-30

General information about VLF ADVLF-50 Withstand voltage test is an essential preventive test for electrical equipment. It is divided into two parts: AC and DC withstand voltage test. AC test can be further divided into power frequency, variable frequency and 0.1Hz very low frequency test, among which the last one is highly recommended by IEC, […]

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General information about ADCF-3000L Cable fault location: 1- Introduction 1 It is a one body trolley structure, easy handling at site. 2 You can do site test without complex wiring, because all test modes and switching voltage levels are automatically switched by weak control internal high-voltage switches. 3 It can quickly locate and point low […]

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General information about ADTC-7050IL Infrared Lens: Focal Length: 30mm~150mm FOV: 640*48017μm f=30 20.6°x15.5° f=150 4.2°x3.1° 384*288 17μm f=30 12.4°x9.3° f=150 2.5°x1.9° Weight: <2500g Size (Length/ L x Diameter/D, mm): 236Lx158D

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General information about ADTC-7049IL Infrared Lens: Item Focal Length F No. FOV Weight Size (Length/ L x Diameter/D, mm) ADTC-7049IL 100mm 1 640*48017μm 6.3°x4.5° 384*288 17μm 3.75°x2.75° <760g 132Lx112D

General information about ADTC-7048IL Infrared Lens: Item Focal Length F No. FOV Weight Size (Length/ L x Diameter/D, mm) ADTC-7048IL 25mm 1 640*48017μm 25°x18° 384*288 17μm 15°x11° 85g 35.2Lx38D

General information about ADTC-7047IL Infrared Lens: Item Focal Length No. FOV Weight Size (Length/ L x Diameter/D, mm) ADTC-7047IL 9mm 1 640*48017μm 69.2°x51.6° 384*288 17μm 42.5°x32° 65g 33Lx38D

General information about ADTC-7046IL Infrared Lens: Item Focal Length F No. FOV Weight Size (Length/ L x Diameter/D, mm) ADTC-7046IL 54mm 1 640*48017μm 11.5°x8.6° 384*288 17μm 6.9°x5° 240g 56.8Lx68D

General information about ADTC-7045SM Thermal Security Monitoring Systems: ADTC-7045SM can provide temperature monitoring and security monitoring for electrical equipments, machinery, flammable materials and important facilities on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. They can find accident potentials in the first time and give auto alarms to ensure the company’s safe production. Main Features: 1-Visual light & […]

General information about ADTC-7044SM Thermal Security Monitoring Systems: ADTC-7044SM bring thermal and visible-light imaging together in one system that provide video and control over both IP and analog networks. With professional ship-mounted design and anti-shocking devices, they can be used in ships and vehicles with sharper thermal images that provide greater scene detail from long distance. Main […]

General information about ADTC-7043SM Thermal Security Monitoring Systems: ADTC-7043SM The series of high-performance, multi-sensor pan/tilt cameras bring dual-channel with thermal and visible-light imaging together. Their precision pan/tilt mechanism gives you accurate pointing control while providing sharp image and video for critical facilities. Main Features: 1-Dual-channel: thermal and visible-light camera 2-Multi-lens for option 3-Multiple lenses for option 4-Support […]