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DC hipot test ADWG-S

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General information about  DC hipot Test Set for Water-cooled Generators ADWG-S
ADWG-S series is the equipment of testing DC voltage and DC leakage current of water-cooled generator in the situation of water through,which completely overcome the problems of long blow water time,bottom water hard to dry, easy to cause arcing within the coil. The device is light,simple wiring, and easy to read. Polarization compensation voltage is output directly by the case.
Electronic control and tune, easy to operate.
The date of voltage and current are recorded in the panel, reading without conversion.
One minute timing and tip function.
Perfect overvlotage and overcurrent protection function inside,aslo zinc oxide overvoltage protection outside,which ensure safety of generator.
Both control unit and doubler packed with special shockproof aluminum alloy cabinet, easy to move.Portable design,suitable for on-site testing.

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Technical specification of the device:



50/100 50/120 60/150 60/200 80/200
Output voltage(kV) 50 50 60 60 80
Output current(mA) 100 120 150 200 200
Output power(W) 5000 6000 9000 12000 16000
Voltage measurement error ≤1.0% ±1digit
Current measurement error ≤1.0% ±1digit
Overvoltage setting error ≤1.0%
Ripple coefficient ≤3.0%
Voltage stability ≤1.0%
Power supply AC220V AC380V(three phase,four wire)
Control unit weight 25.0kg 25.0 kg 25.0kg
Doubler weight 45.0kg 65.0kg 70.0kg
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