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Manhole camera AD-M2095E

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General information about  telescopic pole zoom tilt camera drain sewer manhole camera quick view AD-M2095E
Portable, wide-angle zoom camera, single operator
Camera zoom: 432:1(36:1 optical, 12:1 digital) zoom, automatic/manual focus
Motorising camera tilt: up 75°; down 75°
Adjustable Super Bright LED Illumination
Laser distance measuring
Waterproof (IP68)
Still Images (MPEG) and Video (AVI) Recording
6m Telescopic Rod
560 TVL Horizontal Resolution
1/4 CCD Camera Sensor
5.6’’ TFT Monitor
Battery continuous working time:4.5 hours
Detection Distance: up to 120m
For the pipes diamter from 100mm to 2000mm(4’’ to 80’’)
AD-M2095E Pole Zoom Camera with zoom feature is an affordable version of our system but still featuring all the outstanding characteristics of this rugged and reliable camera ideal for a wide range of vertical structure inspections.
Equipped with patented LED light technology that provides superb illumination regardless of the lighting conditions and a CCD camera sensor, this camera greatly increases the detection distance up to 120m and allows for capturing clear and bright images of very remote objects and areas. Operators can tilt the camera up and down and use powerful 432:1(36:1 optical, 12:1 digital) zoom to examine the area of interest in great detail and capture every little defect or obstruction.
The inspection pole camera is equipped with a 5.6’’ TFT color monitor and a DVR that allows to record inspections as still images in MPEG format or videos in AVI format that can then be saved to an SD memory card. The equipment is packed in a portable, rugged storage case.
This camera can be used in wet conditions, as it is waterproof and tightly sealed against water intrusion. It comes with 2 standard super adjustable lights, yet durable, telescopic carbon pole but is available with pole up to 6 m long. The camera head is connected to an adjustable mount that you can press against the ground to avoid image fluctuating. The system runs on a rechargeable battery, allowing for up to 4.5 hours of uninterrupted inspections at full intensity.
The pole zoom camera is ideal for quick, well-rounded inspections of various vertical (up and down) assets, e.g. ceilings, silo towers, stormwater culverts, mainlines, etc. where the use of complicated heavy-duty equipment would be excessive or unnecessary.

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Technical specification of the device:
For the pipes diamter from 100mm to 2000mm(4’’ to 80’’)
Working temperature:-20℃~50℃
distance measuring:laser distance measuring, the accuracy:1cm
Illumination:Highlight lights, light intensity up to 13000cp
Image sensor: color 1/4’’ CCD
Camera zoom: 432:1(36:1 optical, 12:1 digital) zoom, automatic/manual focus
Motorising camera tilt: up 75°; down 75°
Sensitivity:Color mode: 0.1LUX, black and white mode: 0.01LUX
Anti-fog:anti-fog lenses
Waterproof: IP68
Control Unit
control: key for focusing, zooming, the control of the single lamp and the double lamps, record, photograpgh, playback, laser distance measuring, electricity indicator
Battery: external battery, reducing the weight of the handheld, greatly reduce the work intensity. Working time: ≥4.5 hours
Dispaly: 5.6’’ display
Storage: 16G SD card, AVI video format
Interface: Integrated video input / output, power supply input, cable interface, voice interface
Elescopic pole
Material: carbon fiber
Nested telescopic design, cable interior design, strong fixed joint
1.2m * 5 telescopic pole.
Support rod with a spring damping means, the end of the rod is a rubber ball, which can effectively anti-shake, increase the stability of the image
Enhanced multi-core cables, one time compression molding
10m standard cable, or as your requirement

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