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Pipeline cable detector AD-PD2086

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General information about  Electric Power Underground pipeline cable fault locator AD-PD2086
The Pipeline & Cable Locator consists of a Transmitter, a Receiver and Accessories, used in the underground pipeline&cable route accurate locating, the burying depth measuring, long distance tracing, and insulation fault point detecting. We adopted multicoil electromagnetism technology on the Pipeline & Cable Locator, enhanced the pipeline&cable location precision for the burying depth and the goal pipeline identification capability, also could accurately carry on tracing and location to the goal pipeline&cable in the pipeline&cable crowded complex region. So the Pipeline & Cable Locator is widely used in the telecommunication, electric, water supply, natural gas, physical prospecting, petrochemical and city construction etc.
What is the Electric Power Underground cable fault locator Function?
Detect the route of underground pipeline cable
Measure the burying depth of underground pipeline cable
Identify the target pipeline cable under multiple underground pipeline cable ondition
Detect and locate the insulation fault point of the underground pipeline cable

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Technical specification of the device:
Transmitter Specification:
Signal frequency for Injection method:480Hz,7.7KHz,31KHz ,61KHz
Signal frequency for Induction method:31KHz,61KHz
Signal frequency for Clamping Method:31KHz
Fault Finding:480Hz
Output Voltage:0-400Vp-p adjust according to the insulation condition
Output Wave Shape:Sine Wave
Power Supply:11.1VDC 4.4AH Li-battery
Max. Output Power:10W
Receiver Specification:
Power Loss:<1.0W
Power Supply:11.1VDC 1.8AH Li-battery
Max. burying depth for detecting:4.5m (Normal Condition)
Tolerance of burying depth for detecting:±0.05H±5cm(’H’ is Pipeline burying depth)
Tolerance of route for detecting:≤5cm
The effective length under detecting pipeline route and depth with Injection method:≥ 10Km (Normal Condition)
The effective length under detecting pipeline route and depth with Induction method:≥ 3Km (Normal Condition)
The effective length under detecting pipeline route and depth with Clamping method:≥ 6Km (Normal Condition)
Insulated fault detecting:≥2 MΩ
Operating Temperature:-20 ~ +50 degree centigrade
Storage Temperature:-40 ~ +70degree centigrade
Relative humidity:10%~90%
Atmospheric pressure:86~106KPa
Environment noise:≤ 60dB


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