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video borescope AD-V2130

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General information about HD industrial videoscopes Mega Pixels AD-V2130
CMOS,HD Mega Pixels
7 inch IPS touch control screen
USB/Mini HDMI output
12months warranty,Lifetime mantiance
Product Details
1) The high bionic bending joint of high sensitivity will enhance the probe’s bending and rotating accuracy.
2) The research of 720P HD image sensor technology greatly enhances the image acuity and improves color reduction of the targeted object.
3) Rocker control technology improves the probe’s locating capability, which overcomes the NDT technical difficulties of hard locating and lacking in sense of direction.
video borescope and videoscopes are designed for tough industrial inspections. Full Articulation, video recording and more advanced features.

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Technical specification of the device:
Lens diameter:8
Pixles:CMOS mega pixels
Image resolution:1280*800
Bend control:Motor-driven 360 bend
Step regulation:step regulation between high speed and low speed bend
Angle of field:90°/120°
Depth of field:20-100mm/5mm
Light type:Fiber optic light .rear mounted LED
Intensity adjustment:manual or six level
White balance:auto white balance
LCD monitor:7.0 LCD touch control screen
Language: English and Chinese
Photo/video :JPEG image .AVI video
Memory:64G SD card
Data I/O port:USB 2.0 PORT, mini HDMI TV out video signal output
Insert tube length :2m/3m customized length available
Bending angle :160°
Insert tube material: quadruple –wall braided tubes of tungsten alloy wire
Construction material :dropping resisting alloy suitcase
Camera material: Titanium alloy
Working time:≥3 hours
Host weight: ≤1.5 kg
Power supply: rechargeable polymer battery
Warranty : L 12months lifetime maintenance


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