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video borescope AD-V2131

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General information about Endoscope Special For Casting AD-V2131
Display 12inch/17inch
Pixel 300,000/450,000/1,000,000
Viewing angle 70°/90°/120°
Depth of Field 5~100mm/10-100mm
Insert Tube Length 200-2000mm
Product Details:
The quality control of castings is more and more strict in casting industry.,the demand has been increased, and the output is also increasing. Conventional industrial endoscopes cannot meet the demand of testing.The intruduction of P60 series casting dedicated borescopes can improve the production efficiency, improve the quality of products, reduce the work strengh, and reduce the procurement and maintenance costs of testing equipment.
Applied in auto parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump valve casting , mechanical parts casting pipe fittings casting.
Such as checking the casting sand,burr, staggered holes,pore, cracks and other quality control.

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Technical specification of the device:
Viewing angle:70°/90°/120°
Depth of field:5~100mm/10-100mm
Insert Tube Length:200-2000mm
Insert Tube Diameter:2.8/3.8/5/6/8mm, customized
Material of Insert Tube:Tungsten alloy braided wear-resistant tube/Stainless steel tube/Titanium alloy tube/Spring bending tube
Probe:Titanium alloy
Light:Front-mounted LED/rear-mounted LED+ Optic fiber light transmitting
Brightness:6 levels,manual adjustment
Operating System:Windows
Display:IPS touch screen
Power Supply:DC 12 V input
Working temperature:-10°C~60°C,
Storage:USB flash disk connected externally

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