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video borescope AD-V2132

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General information about Motor Control Industrial Videoscopes With 10 Meters Tubes AD-V2132
Long Insert tube
The length of insert tube can be customized, up to 2 meters, 120° bending angle. This technology breakthrough is fully used in the inspection of pipeline,
header and heavy equipment.
Super illumination and wide viewing angle
Rear-mounted LED light, Optic fiber light guiding; the illumination is up to 100,000Lx. Good performance for dark and harsh environment.
Real-time video output
With TV-out port, it can connect with PC and achieve remote video output.
Excellent quality
Double tungsten alloy braided insert tube of 4 layers
Wear resistance: 20 times better than steel wire insert tube
flexibility: 4 times better than other materials
Waterproof and wear-resistant
Pass a large number of harsh environment testing: -25~85 degrees working environment
Waterproof and dustproof: insert tube IP67; 1.2 meter fall resistance
Wear-resistant probe and laser welding process
Titanium alloy probe case, the wear resistance is 100 times that of ordinary stainless steel probe.
Sapphire protective lens, the intensity is 8 times that of quartz lens and 20 times that of stalinite lens.
On the part of insert tube probe, we used 21-point laser welding process, which has more strict requirements for the producing precision.
This precise process ensures E5 series borescopes owns powerful guiding function.
Low energy cost and long-lasting work time
rechargeable batteries, low power consumption design, saving 30% power.
Working time:4.5 hours
Easy operation
Intelligent guidance menu
The intelligent guidance menu is simple and clear. Easy operation for rookies.
It supports 7 languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, etc.
Light and handy
Complete accessories and long working time
The total weight (with battery) is only 1.45Kg. It is also equipped with leather bag, safe and portable for different inspection environment.
The packaging case is fall-resistant, light and portable. Users can easily put it into luggage rack in the aircraft, train, etc.
With a design of low power consumption, a set of rechargeable lithium batteries of E5 series can work at least 4 hours. It is equipped another
set of batteries to support long time inspection work.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Angle of Field:70°
Depth of Field:10~80mm/5mm~∞/45mm~∞(optional)
Light Type:Rear-mounted LED(≥3w hour)
Illumination:100,000lx at a maximum,adjustable
Intensity Adjustment:Manual, six levels
White Balance:Auto white balance
LCD Monitor:Highlight 5.0” LCD screen
Language:Chinese,English and other five languages
Photo/Video:JPG image,AVI video
Memory:standard :8G SD card, max 32G
Data I / O port:USB port, TV out video signal output, support display connection
Insert Tube Length:2.0m
Bending Angle:≥160°
Insert Tube Material:quadruple-wall braided tubes of Tungsten alloy wire
Construction Material:Dropping-resisting alloy outer case
Camera Material:Titanium alloy
Protecting Device of Durability:Protecting device joint the host and wear-resisting tube ,length: ≥120mm
Control panel:Setting、playback、photo/video、rotary sensibility of probe、intensity adjustment
Flashlight:Supportable lighting for dark room
Waterproof:IP67:Probe,objective lens ( official inspection report available )
Working Time:≥3 hours
Host Weight:≤1.5kg(with batteries)
Power Supply:Rechargeable lithium battery
Voltage:DC12V, 1A maximum current
Warranty:12 months, life – long maintenance
Operating Environment:
Host System Operating Temperature:-10 ° C ~ 50 ° C, the LCD screen to be preheated below 0° C
Video Probe Temperature:-20 ° C ~ 70 ° C, 0 ° C the following should be reduced steering operations
Storage Temperature:-20°C~60°C
Relative Humidity:Up to 90%, non-condensing

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