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VLF AC/DC hipot test AD-JS6A

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General information about VLF AC/DC hipot test AD-JS6A
AD-JS6A Automatic Insulation Test Set is special for insulated boots, gloves, blanket, mats, sleeves, clothes, hat, ladder, insulated baffle, chairs, insulated stick, electroscope and other security tools. It is automatic control.
320*240 LCD screen, high speed thermal printer.
8 measurement ways of HV voltage, LV current, 6-way leakage current.
Automatic and manual operation for option.
Real-time display the results, direct and clear.
With over-voltage, over-current protection.
With zero start function. The test can be proceed after returning to zero.
Anti-interference design, suitable for harsh electromagnetic environment.
Automatic error diagnosis, easy to find and solve problems.


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Technical specification of the device:

Model No. Rated Capacity Input Voltage Output Voltage Voltage Accuracy LV Current Leakage Current Resolution of leakage current Current Accuracy
ADJS-63A 3kVA 220V 0-30kV ≤2.0%(F.S) 0-15A 0-20.0mA 0.1mA ≤1.5%(F.S)
ADJS-65A 5kVA 220V 0-50kV ≤2.0%(F.S) 0-25A 0-20.0mA 0.1mA ≤1.5%(F.S)
ADJS-610A 10kVA 220V 0-100kV ≤2.0%(F.S) 0-50A 0-20.0mA 0.1mA ≤1.5%(F.S)
ADJS-615A 15kVA 380V 0-150kV ≤2.0%(F.S) 0-37.5A 0-20.0mA 0.1mA ≤1.5%(F.S)
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