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Water camera AD-2072REC

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General information about Downhole Television Logging Hole TV Logging System Downhole TV Well Logging AD-W2072REC
This Water Well Downhole/ Borehole Camera is a great combination of modern technology and affordable price. It is well suited for inspecting various reservoirs, wells, borehole, shafts, pipes, tanks and other objects from the top down. It is equipped with a Ø90mm PT camera head enabling operators to receive a complete detailed image of the inspection area, the camera head supports 360 pan rotation and 180 tilt rotation. The camera is equipped with CCD sensors and 24pcs high-output long-lasting LED light allowing for capturing bright and detailed images even in poor lighting environments. The downhole camera head housing is IP68 waterproof and withstand pressure up to 150 bar in water.
The Downhole Camera features a compact control unit with a high-resolution 7” LCD display(12’’ optional). The inspection process can be viewed on the display right on site, captured as snap shots in JPEG format, or as video files. All data can be saved on 8G SD card(Maximum 32G). The user-friendly interface offers various operation features, such as,the depth sensor, the winch operating knob, rotation control and so on.
The system works with Ø8.2mm polypropylene cables(6 wires inside, which can bear 280KG) of different lengths (from 100m to 700m) that can be securely coiled on an electric operated reel. The motorized winch allowing for winding the cable up and down with different speeds(when 220V power supply), and the winch also can control by hand. Besides inspection findings, users can view depth, the depth accuracy reach to 0.05m and it supports depth reset.
The downhole camera works on a conventional AC220V power supply. The winch can be operated by power, when it is 220V power supply(DC 24V optional), and the winch should be operated by hand when it is 12V.

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Technical specification of the device:
Ø90mm PT camera head, pan 360 degree rotation, tilt 180degree rotation
Dia.90mm stainless steel CCD camera, 700TVL
IP68 waterproof ,up to 150 Bars(15 MPA)
100m-700m polypropylene cable with electrical and manual winch
Electric winch winding speed adjustable
Depth sensor, the depth shows on the display, the depth accuracy: 0.05m and it supports depth reset
7inch LCD display (12inch optional)
DVR control box with Audio/video recording function
8G SD card(max 32G) to storage video /audio files/pictures
Power supply: AC220V
PT Camera Head:
Ø90mm PT camera head, pan 360 degree rotation, tilt 180degree rotation
CCD camera, 700TVL
Pan 360° rotate endless, tilt 180°
Waterproof IP68 Operating depth 150 bars (15 MPA)
Camera Material: 304 stainless steel
Camera Lens Material: Explosion-proof optical glass
Sensor resolution: PAL 720H×576V NTSC 720H×480V
Camera LED: Front 8 pcs, Rear 16 pcs high bright LED
Panoramic Camera (Optional):
Ø70mm panoramic camera head
CCD camera, 700TVL
Camera: Split galvanized iron probe, easy to dismantle
Camera lens: wear anti-reflective resin sheet
Waterproof IP68 Operating depth 150 bars (15 MPA)
Lens Angle view: 130 degree wide-angle
Camera Light: 12 high brightness LED cold light LED
Sensor resolution: PAL 720H×576V NTSC 720H×480V
The Display:
7″ LED display, 291*251*48mm (12inch optional)
Display model 4:3
Contrast Ratio: 400: 1
Brightness: 450cd / m
Resolution: 1024 × 768
Power: DC 12V
Color System: PAL / NTSC / SECAM
Control Part:
Input voltage: 220V / (24V / 12V optional)
Depth Interface: Connect depth sensor
Probe Interface: Connect the probe, transmit video and power
Data Interface: Write their own wells pound, self-calibration depth
Winch operating knob(adjusting speed,cable up and down, brake)
Camera rotation control button
LED brightness control button
HD DVR Audio/Video record & playback
Video storage Medium: 8G SD card(Max 32G)
the depth reset
Electric Winch:
Manual & Electric winch
Winding speed:0~20m/min
Cable speed adjustable
Φ8.2mm polypropylene cable (100m-700m option)
Power supply: AC220V (DC24V optional)
The winch can be operated by power, when it is 220V power supply(DC 24V optional), and the winch should be operated by hand when it is 12V or when the power is insufficient.
Master box tray: stainless steel tray, removable and easy to transport
Pulley: Pulley is with depth sensor, the depth sensor can be used when it is connected with the main control box
Pulley support rods: retractable pulley rod, removable, the winch is equiped a hydraulic rod to prevent the strut shaking when working
Other Accessories:
One Manual, a set of connecting cables, 5 pcs seals, a set of wearing parts
About the packing:
2 pcs package, wooden box
Packing size: 64 * 60 * 68cm & 55 * 55 * 42cm
Weight: 110KG

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