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ADIP-601CT Compact Pressure Transducer

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General information about ADIP-601CT Compact Pressure Transducer
Based on technology of A10 series, ADIP-601CT is low cost and high performance oil filled pressure transmitter. It is with completely welded stainless housing and installed ASIC to realize digits amplification, linearity and temperature compensation. Circuit design is highly integrated meeting lastest CE on electromagnetic interference standard.
The ADIP-601CT transmitter is in small size with various optional thread connection and wiring method; output standard 4~20mA or 0.5-4.5V, 0-5V etc industrial signal. We could also produce varied special structure and output products as per customers requirements.
Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
Energy and water treatment systems
Level measurement
Auto detection system
Vessel and aviation fields
Product Features:
Piezoresistive oil-filled chip
Suitable for small or medium pressure (0-100Kpa…7Mpa)
Digital calibration, total error<0.75%
Measuring corrosive media (media that compatible with 316L)
Reverse power protection; surge current protection; input/ output overload voltage protection
Low cost, high cost-efficiency

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Technical specification of the device:

Parameters Min. Typical Max.
Accuracy(%FS) ±0.15 ±0.25
Including non-linearity,Hysteresis and Repeatability 
Output(mV) 0.5~4.5V(rate output); 0-5V; 4-20mA
   Zero(%FS) -0.75 ±0.5 0.75
   Span(%FS) -0.75 ±0.5 0.75
Temp. characters
   Operation Temp.(℃) -40 125
   Compensation Temp.(℃) 0 70
Total error(%FS)* -0.75 0.75
Long-term stability(±%FS/Year)
   Zero 0.2
   Span 0.1
Supply Voltage(V) For details pls check type code
Insulation Resistance(MΩ/250V) 50.0
Respond rate(Hz) 1K
Shock resistance 100g,11msec not damaged
Waterproof rank
   Wire IP67
   Connector IP65
Overload pressure 2X
Pressure media Liquid, gas and vapour compatible with 316L stainless steel
Life-span >107times full span recycle
Electromagnetic interference Coincident with standards of  IEC61000-4-2;IEC61000-4-3;IEC61000-4-4;IEC61000-4-5;
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