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ADTC-628DH Diezoresistive HART Circuit Board

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General information about ADTC-628DH Diezoresistive HART Circuit Board
ADTC-628DH Diezoresistive HART Circuit Board replaced the original 4~20mA analog board. With the main body of Microcontrollers CPU, ADTC-628DH is capable to do logical operation and programming, combining analog and digital circuit in one machine, so it is able to output analog signal as well as carrry HART protocol signal on 4~20mA analog signal. Parameters configuration and compensation of transmitters can be done by buttons, HART communicator and HART configuration programs. ADTC-628DH provides constant current excitation way for sensors, supporting standard diffused silicon, piezoresistive ceramic, single crystal silicon and level sensors. It is suited for standard ADTC-628DH housing.
1.Easy adjusting by buttons: on-site span changing by LCD module buttons free from standard pressure source
2.High accuracy: for intelligent board, AD accuracy > 20 bits, DA accuracy > 16 bits;
3.Electrical isolation: > 1500VDC
4.Good stability: Linearity better than 0.05% (with sensors), temperature compensation accuracy better than 0.5%
5.Data backup and restore
6.Strong capability for anti-disturbance: Leading military-grade hardware and software anti-disturbance technology.
7.Excellent price-performance ratio: good performance with heading circuit board provides economical solutions.
8.HART communication protocol

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Technical specification of the device:
Supply power:DC12-32V (DC 24V is suggested)
Matching sensor:standard diffused silicon, piezoresistive ceramic, single crystal silicon and level sensor
Sampling rate:>20times/s
Displaying and bits:LCD with backlight, displaying 5 bits, and 4 decimal places
Displaying interface:English or Chinese,displaying pressure, temperature/current/ percentage(interactive display) and 0-100% analog displaying
Output resolution:1uA
Temp. compensation accuracy:-30~70℃ complete machine accuracy is better than 0.5% (including accuracy of sensor)
Linearity accuracy:Complete machine linearity is better than 0.2% (Multi-point calibrating is available as required)
Anti-disturbance:Power isolation, signal isolation (magnetic isolation), electrical isolation
Range ratio:100:01
Circuit protection Measurement:surge current protection, Reverse Power Protection
Circuit design:Intrinsic safety
Isolation range:>200MΩ
Communication Protocol:HART
Adjusting method:by buttons on LCD head, program on pc or communicator, communicator
Dimensions:OD=61mm, Mounting hole pitch=55.14mm (suited for pressure and level transmitter in 3051 housing)
Motherboard buttons operation:reset, lower range calibration(zero drift under pressure source), upper range calibration (full scale calibration)
LCD head buttons operation:changing span units, decimal place, damping time, currant fixing, output features, current fixxing, write-protection,calibration (zero clearing, lower point and full scale calibration), language setting, media density (only unit M) and factory reset

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