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ADTMC-50600 portable Temperature Measuring Instrument

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General information about ADTMC-50600 portable Temperature Measuring Instrument
ADTMC-50600 Portable Temperature Measuring Instrument has the features of high precision,
multifunctional temperature calibrating,big display window with backlight, the smallest size,high speed of increasing temperature and
control temperature steadily.
It is an ideal option to be used in instrument workshops, metrology room and calibration laboratory,Mainly calibrate temperature compon
ents, such as thermocouples, Pt.
resistance, thermometer, temperature transmitter, temperature switch, etc.
1-Two way high precision measurement of dc current .voltage and resistance,
2-6 digits display, resolution: 0.001°C. Big display window with backlight,
3-Insert depth stays the leading role in this industry
4-Digital temperature control with high stability
5-Thermal blocks interchangeable.
6-Domestic initiative protection functions, such as load short circuit protection, load broken circuit protection, sensors protection, etc.
7-Small dimension, lightweight, portable and no pollution.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Model No.:ADTMC-50600
Temperature Range:50°C~600°C
Resolution:6 digits, 0.01°C
Insert depth:170mm
External diameter of thermalblock:34mm
Quantity of thermal blockand hole diameter:Standard 4 holes,∮6,∮8,∮10,∮12mm
Horizontal temperature field:≤±0.05°C (Temperature field test special
thermal block)
Vertical temperature field:(0~60mm) (start from the bottom of the hose )<0.5°C
Temperature fluctuation:≤±0.03°C per min
Net weight:12.8Kg

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