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ADOR-310MO Mobile Precision Oil Purifier and Oiling Machine

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General information about ADOR-310MO Mobile Precision Oil Purifier and Oiling Machine: ADOR-310MO mobile precision oil purifier and oiling machine adopts a way of multi-stage filtration. It’s simple to operate and convenient to maintenance. It’s suitable for filtering out all kinds of impurities in insulating oil, turbine oil, mechanical oil, hydraulic oil and etc. It can […]

General information about ADOR-309FR Fire-Resistance Oil Purifier: ADOR-309FR fire-resistance oil purifier is especially designed for fire-resistant oil with suitable material for vacuum dehydration, particles-removal and acid-reduction. For customer choice, we also have a simple type to purify fire-resistant oil: ADOR-309FR high precision oil filtration. It has simple structure with multi-stage filters to remove particles to […]

General information about ADOR-308LP Lubrication Oil Purifier ADOR-308LP Lubrication Oil Purifier is used for cooling, lubricating or speed regulation of various indutrial waste oil with the viscosity lower than 320mm/s ,such as mechanical oil ,hydraulic oil ,compressor oil and cooler oil etc. which will be polluted by water (free water, dissolved water, emulsified water) and […]

General information about ADOR-307CV Online Coalescing and Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier online coalescing and vacuum turbine oil purifier is designed for deep dehydration from oil which contains much water (≥2%) and seriously emulsified. Dehydrate by 2 systems: coalescing and vacuum. Coalescing remove free water by 2 kinds of special filters, vacuum remove dissolved water and […]

General information about ADOR-306DS Coalescing Dehydration and Spparetion Oil Purifier ADOR-306DS coalescing dehydration and spparetion oil purifier is made of a hydrophilic coalescing element and a hydrophobic dehydration element which are configured and optimized in a certain proportion. According to the different physical effects of the water in the oil, the free water drops with […]

General information about ADOR-305TC Online On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifer ADOR-305TC Online On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifer is mainly used for cyclic purification of the oil from bypass of the transformer and high voltage switch. ADOR-305TC Online On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifer can effectively absorb the slight water and prevent the small mechanical particles by […]

Genmeral information about ADOR-304DA Dry Air Generator : ADOR-304DA Dry air generator is suitable for supplying dry air which keeps the power equipments’ inner parts from moisture in the maintenance of transformer, reactor and other big power facilities. Maintenance staff will not be short of oxygen working inside the equipment. It is more reliable, economic, […]

General information about ADOR-303EV High Efficiency Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier: ADOR-303EV High Efficiency Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier ,oil recycling machine Compact in structure, simple in operation, convenient in maintence and low cost, this filter is a new necessary product for the treatment of oil used in transformers, mutual inductors, switches and etc. of the electric […]

General information about ADOR-302DVP Double Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier: ADOR-302DVP series double stage high vacuum transformer oil purifier is mainly used to improve the properties of insulation oil. It can remove trace water, gas, particulate matters etc. from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly so as to boost performance of transformers, circuit breakers, […]

General information about ADOR-301VP Vacuum Pumping Unit The ADOR-301VP vacuum pumping unit for is mainly used to pump out the gas in a container so as to attain high vacuum. It can also be used for vacuum drying.This set fast in startup and pumping, and thus is especially suitable for vacuumization of transformers. Besides, it […]