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High voltage VLF ADVLF-80

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General Information about High voltage VLF ADVLF-80
VLF means ‘Very Low Frequency’ and 0.1Hz to 0.02Hz is considered to be very low frequency,used as a AC output tester. Although the frequency is very low, it is still an alternating current with polarity reversals every half cycle. At 0.1 Hz output, rather than 60Hz, it takes 600 times less current and power to apply an AC voltage to a capacitive load, like a long cable.
ADVLF-80 Series Hipot testers are microprocessor controlled, and have automatic functions for setting-up, setting-down, measuring and protecting. With adoption of electronic technique, it is small, lightweight, and portable. Output waveform is clearly displayed on the large LCD and test report can be printed by built-in thermal printer.

If the output voltage exceeds the limit preset by the user, the instrument will shut itself down within 20ms.
Over-current protection on both high and low voltage sides, so automatic protection can be made according to the set limit of low and high voltage.
Using high & low voltage closed loop negative feedback control circuit, no capacitive rise effect in the process of output.
A high voltage output protective resistor is provided in the voltage boost body, no need to connect resistor outside.
Split/integrated equipment as customer’s requirement.



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Technical Specification of the device:
Models: ADVLF-80
Maximum Output Voltage: 80kVPeak
Output Mode: Single Connect Or Series Connect
Maximum Load Capacity, VLF: Up to 2.5uF at reduced frequency
VLF Test Frequencies: 0.1Hz@0.5µF, 0.05Hz@1µF, 0.02Hz@2.5µF
Size&Weight: Controls: 360mm x250mmx 210mm , 6kg
HV Tank: 370mm × 240mm × 390mm , 48kg ; 315mm x 180mm x 450mm , 27kg ;
Equipment Accessories (available upon request): Discharge rod x 1
high voltage wire :( 7.6m )
Low voltage wire: ( 2.5m )
Weight: 21kg
N.W: 102kg
Packing Material: Wooden case
Dimensions:606mm × 606mm × 1220mm , 17kg
Weight: G.W 121kg

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