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Infrared Thermal Camera ADTC-I300

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General information about ADTC-I300 Handheld thermal Imaging camera
2.4″ color lcd display
Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to1.0
Selectable color palettes
Visual/heat map image alignment
Led light allows the unit to be used in poor light
Image capture and image
Units/date/time set
Auto power off

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Technical Specification of the device:
Display:2.4inch full color screen
Infrared resolution:60*60 (3600 pixels)
Detector resolution:300,000 pixels
Field of view:20°*20°
Minimum focus distance:0.5m
Thermal sensitivity:0.15ºC
Emissivity Adjustable:0.1~1.0
Temperature measurement range:-20ºC ~300ºC / -4ºF~ 572ºF
Accuracy:±2% or ±2.0ºC /3.6ºF
Spectral band:8~14um
Frame rate:6HZ
Focus system:Fixed focus
Color palettes:Ironbow, Iridescence,Iridescence high contrast, Grayscale,Grayscale inverted
View options:25% step-length,infrared and detector blend
Storage SD card:(TF Micro) 2GB
Image file formats:Bmp
Batteries Alkaline battery:AA 1.5V*4
Battery life:6 hours
Automatic shutdown time:12 hours
Operating temperature and humidity:-5ºC ~40ºC / 23ºF ~ 104ºF;10%RH ~80%RH
Storage temperature and humidity:-20ºC ~50ºC / -4ºF~ 122ºF;10%RH~80%RH

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